Postcards to YOUR rep!

Why you NEED to contact your Blue Rep NOW more than ever!

We are so lucky to live in a district with all blue representation. It’s easy to assume that they are going to do what we want and there is no reason to contact them outside of a formal call to action. In all honesty, that may have been true a few months ago, but now that the Democrats have taken back the house it is more important than ever to communicate with your representative. Why? Because they have the power to introduce legislation, and you have the power to influence what that will look like. So, let’s consider a real life example. Personally, some issues are more important than others to me (Alissa). I call and email DeSaulnier’s office a lot, they know me and they know I expect him to listen. What are my priorities? Gun control, public education, and the environment. I’m pretty sure that many of you would have health care at the top of your list. Or raising the minimum wage. Maybe getting money out of politics? You may want your rep to join the Green New Deal. Great! But if I’m the only one calling and writing, he won’t feel the same degree of pressure to get those issues on the agenda. So, he will continue to do good work, but he will be listening to those of us making all the noise. So you need to communicate, and it needs to be effective. We have designed a number of extra large postcards for members to use to write to DeSaulnier or Thompson, each with a single, clear message. We are still working on logistics, but we want to find a regular time/place that people can gather to write their cards (just a quick handwritten note on back with your contact info) and we will drop them off at his local office either once or twice a month. This sends a clear message, this issue is important and you expect action. The cards are large and colorful, they look good on social media and have maximum impact when delivered in large numbers. Currently we have postcards for about 8 issues,  but are working on more now and we are happy to create new ones for members who have a specific issue they’d like addressed. You don’t need to limit yourself to one, and many of us will have shifting priorities over the next two years. By designing them ourselves and delivering them regularly, there is always an opportunity (beyond phone calls or emails) to share what matters most to you. We are hoping to create a model and present it to other Indivisible chapters at the CA state leader convention in February! Check out examples on our website. We will have postcards at the poster party Friday and at the march. We hope to announce regular (casual) gatherings so that every one of our members has a voice in DC.
Here are some of the postcards, you can always print them yourself (half sheet of paper, card stock is best) but we will have them available on Friday, Saturday, and more dates TBA. Postcards will also be created for specific legislation (example: vote yes on HR 1, or co-sponsor HR 1). If you have an issue (or any “ask”) and you’d like a postcard to write, please email us at with the subject line “Postcard Request”
nobordwall PDF to print: nobordwall
peachimpeach PDF to print: peachimpeach
dpballot PDF to print: dpballot
moneyout PDF to print: moneyout
raisethewage PDF to print: raisethewage
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